White House and EU Reach Spying Accord

After months of discussion, the European Union and United States government have agreed on the final changes to a new data protection agreement that will be called the EU-US Privacy Shield. The agreement is designed to replace the Safe Harbour pact, an agreement between the two entities meant to facilitate the globalization of services offered by … Continue reading White House and EU Reach Spying Accord

Prevalent Challenges for Robotic Engineers

“Google admits that one of the hardest problems for their programming is how an automated car should behave at a four-way sign,” states Colin Allen, a professor of cognitive science and the philosophy of science at Indiana University. Allen co-wrote Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong. “In this kind of scenario,” he continues, “it’s a … Continue reading Prevalent Challenges for Robotic Engineers

New Techs Aversion To Going Public In 2016

In the Information Age where tech reigns supreme, there is no other single industry economists are pointing to and saying “this is the future of our markets.” That said people are envisioning that tech companies will fall in line and fill the void and toe the line of past markets and fullfill the norms of … Continue reading New Techs Aversion To Going Public In 2016

Google May Expand its VR

As the recent Sundance Film Festival proved, the VR craze is just beginning, and competitive tech companies like Google are loathe to let a tech market go untapped. Perhaps that’s why Google originally came out with Google Cardboard, a low-tech, affordable lens-fitted cardboard headset that could be used in addition to a smartphone with Google Cardboard VR … Continue reading Google May Expand its VR

Virtual Reality Hits Sundance

Anyone who’s had the fortune to try on the Oculus Rift (with access to the proper processing power) understands how incredibly thrilling virtual reality can be. Although it’s been said that virtual reality will change the AV game for a long, long time, it seems that social media and advance technology might finally be in … Continue reading Virtual Reality Hits Sundance