100 Tech Industry Pioneers Stand in Opposition of Trump

Although Donald Trump just scheduled the Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Theilf for a republican national convention speech next week there is a new open letter that makes it very clear that much of the tech industry is not down for reign of Trump. In said letter that dropped yesterday on Medium luminaries of Slack, Facebook, Instagram, and a lot of the other big players in the Valley came out and said that, Trump would be a disaster for innovation as the main point. The heaviest of the heavy hitters to sign this letter were Tim Wu, Steve Wozniak (The Woz), Stewart Butterfield, Padmasree Warrior, Ester Dyson and Ev Williams. Katie Jacobs Stanton, and the first Twitter Exec, were the spear head behind the formation and organization of the letter. 

In the letter it says that in reference to Trump that, “His vision stands against the open exchange of ideas, free movement of people, and productive engagement with the outside world that is critical to our economy and that provide the foundation for innovation and growth.”

They go on to say that, “We stand against Donald Trump’s divisive candidacy and want a candidate who embraces the ideals that built America’s technology industry: freedom of expression, openness to newcomers, equality of opportunity, public investments in research, and infrastructure, and respect for the rule of law; we embrace an optimistic vision for a more inclusive country, where American innovation continues to fuel opportunity, prosperity and leadership.”

So what does this all mean for the Donald and the 2016 election in general, no one really knows. As we have seen time and time again the Donald is the Teflon man and it seems that anything and everything is incapable of sticking to him and potentially damaging his image. In this case from an objective perspective of the American economy and the tech industry in general this is a warning we should heed and it seems like they are uttering what everyone was already thinking, and by everyone I mean about half the people because lets face it, there is reason why he is the Republican candidate, simply put Americans are raciest. But what we are failing to acknowledge is that this might have a kind of back fire in the face of what they sought to accomplish with this letter. For instance the tech industry that is the second disliked thing in the American landscape today. The reason being with so many people being driving from their homes across the country from Los Angeles, to Boston there is a common thread that usually permeates across every case, Tech comes to set up shop and you can’t afford to live there if you’re not in the madness. People greatly dislike tech, and a weaker tech economy is actually better for them, because for the average joe shmo on the street it doesn’t matter whether or not our economy is booming, booming for who? We may very well be on the verge of Apocalypse and Donald Trump will be at the helm.

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