Smart Rings, The Flop of 2017

Today you’re at a restaurant with an old friend catching up about life and work and you get a text message while their in the middle of a particularly captivating story. You have to say, “wait I need to check this” knowing that you have a wife or other obligations that might take precedent that may call your attention away. Thus totally derailing the conversational flow. With the advent of the smart watch the thinking was that we would be saved from these inconveniences, that we could check out of a conversation and divert our attention from the other person without obvious detection. With that all things seemed right in the world, and we had a wearable that was sleek and a lot of people could find many uses for.toilet_06 more over it was extremely small, but not too small to be unreadable.

Jump forward to today, where the the next step in the scaling down of the wearable to the looming smart ring. Thats right, people think what will replace the still blossoming smart watch will be a smart ring. Like your smart watch these will be bluetooth powered and allow you to connect to the data of your from up to 328 ft away. the right also as you can imagine will have a fingernail  sized display in a sleek looking piece of jewelry. This is suppose to be for the on the go tech user. sfsdf

Some companies are now beyond the prototype stage and companies seem like they are ready to get into the arena and kick this party into overdrive. Now that we have the means to do so and are going to embark on an engineering wonder that was not even in the relm of science fiction we must ask, “wait a display the size of a ring, isn’t that kind of small ?” in our endless pursuits to make everything smaller and smaller we never stop and consider its application and how it can actually be of benefit. its as if the developers and people promoting this idea of the smart ring have forgotten that although technology seems to be getting infinity smaller and faster, people aren’t. and its people who matter. There is a strange, I don’t want to say aversion because that assumes that you acknowledge the topic at hand, rather I will say blindness when it comes to ergonomics. The products we make are supposed to be make with our interest, our using, our benefiting form their creation in a daily use of our life. Not the constant pumping our of more useless crap in an endless downward spiral circle jerk where tech is made for the sake of tech, and the tools become bits of fashion or status. Have we become so diluted that we lose sight of the fact that computers are tools, among everything we market them as and the infrastructure of our world that distracts us of their use, they are tools. And this tool, the smart ring is painfully dumb, and lacks the first necessary condition of its creation, being of use to is user.

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