Tech for the Modern Traveler

Travel is rewarding and enthralling if you do it right and catastrophic if you mess it up. Here are some products that can help to keep your nomadic lifestyle afloat without weighing you down.mophie

Meet the Mophie Power Station Plus Charger

This little bundle of fun will keep your devices running long after you miss your train/flight/check-in. It’s able to charge virtually any USB device in the world and can device multiple devices simultaneously up to 4-times faster than a standard charger. If you’ve ever been traveling an unfamiliar city and had your device die before you find somewhere to sleep for the night- you know you need this. $80

051413_Force_popUpBanner_grey_oMeet the FitBit Charge HR

Light and breezy, this isn’t your average wrist watch. If you’re a health nut with a flair for traveling, this device will help you to keep track of your heart rate, your workouts, how much distance you have covered, the calories you have burned, the amount of floors you’ve climbed and the active minutes and steps of your day. You can also monitor your sleep and set silent alarms for a more graceful ascent in the morning. Your stats sync wirelessly and automatically to your computer or smartphone. $150

Meet the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lensollo

This light iPhone addition yields professional camera quality for a very unprofessional price. It comes with a wide angle lens, fisheye lens and two macrolenses and it can all fit in your pocket . $80

keysMeet the Logitech Keys-to-Go

This quarter-inch keyboard connects via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS device. It’s perfect for the smartphone-reliant traveler that needs to create a decent amount of text for whatever task. The keyboard is comfortable and familiar, but also uniquely handy in that it has iOS shortcuts built in. It also has a lithium-ion polymer battery that allows for 3 months of use before charging. $50

Meet the Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC Cardsandisk

This one might not be romantic, but it’s darn handy. This tiny microSD card has the storage to be used for years to come, even by the most opportunistic photographers. It’s small enough to fit into the latest GoPro’s and Android smartphones, but it comes with a full-size adapter so you can use it with any camera or gadget that accepts regular SD format as well. Just try not to lose it. $40

Meet the TP-Link TL-WR710N Wireless Mini Pocket Routertp

Anyone who travels for work knows the angst of trying to meet a deadline while coping with a hotel’s terrible internet connection. Often opting for the Ethernet option can be a wise decision, and if you’re going to be doing any kind of group work, hooking that guy up to a router can make all the difference. True to its name, this little router can fit in your pocket and comes with a USB port for external storage devices or charging other devices.  $30nf

Meet the North Face Surge II Charged Backpack

A backpack that charges your phone- that’s genius. Open up the front compartment to plug into the backpack’s integrated battery pack and charge your phone up to three times. $70

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