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4 Fictional Computer Hackers Who Can Virtually Hack Into Anything

Hollywood loves its hackers and they’ve created many iconic ones over the years. The job of a hacker is simple, access the server, bypass the firewall, drop a bug and leave without a trance. After that he has remote access to pretty much anything he wants remote access to. It sounds simple but it requires a lot of coding. Nobody said the job of a hacker is an easy one. Here we take a look at 4 fictional computer hackers who can virtually hack into anything:

Stanley Jobson

After he became famous for playing ‘Wolverine’ Hugh Jackman played another role, that of computer hacker Stanley Jobson. After spending 2 years of his life in prison Stanley is released on the condition that he won’t even touch a computer. Old habits die hard I guess, because pretty soon Stanley is writing a worm for the film’s antagonist for a fee of $10 million. Stanley’s skills are exceptional as he’s able to hack into a government system within a minute while under duress. And to understand exactly what kind of pressure he was under you’ll have to watch the film.

The Real Napster

‘The Italian Job’ is one of the most memorable caper films that I have ever seen. But what’s even more memorable is the ‘Napster’. Seth Green’s character often recounts the story of how Sean Parker stole Napster from him during their college years. In retaliation he uses the alias ‘Napster’ to hack into the traffic control system. I’m pretty sure Sean Parker had to answer some difficult questions after this little stunt. As far as origin stories go, this is by far the funniest one. And it also brings into question many other internet entrepreneurs.

Lisbeth Salander

Even if you haven’t read or watched the Millennium series you must know the name Lisbeth Salander. That goes to show you how popular the character is. She’s a computer hacker belonging to a clandestine group known as the ‘Hacker’s Republic’. She uses her skills as an investigator for a private security firm known as Milton Security. She also happens to be gifted with an eidetic memory. Lisbeth is an introvert who often punishes men who are abusive towards women. You may think of her as a guardian angel. However, her appearance is far from that of an angel.


Neo is perhaps the most popular computer hacker on this list. I guess when you can fly and stop bullets mid-air, word seems to get around. ‘Neo’ is an alias used by software engineer Thomas Anderson for his illicit cyber activities. His destiny is to be the one who brings peace between the humans and the machines. However, to fulfill his destiny he must escape the simulated reality world known as ‘the Matrix’. Once he realizes his true potential Neo is able to manipulate the code of the Matrix itself.

It doesn’t take time for these guys to hack into a system, so if you’re in need of data recovery give them a call. However, you can’t be sure what kind of Trojan they might leave behind.

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